Half-elf Guard in the town of Olca

Height: 6’ 0”

Appearance: Henry is an old man, his age nearly reaching 300. His skin is pale and has a good amount of wrinkling on his face. He is missing an eye for which he wears a brown leather eye patch, and he is typically only seen around town in his guard uniform.

Armor: Henry’s guard uniform consists of a green cloth tunic as a base layer, followed by an iron chest plate, pauldrons, greaves, and boots. His head remains unarmored, but Henry wears a thin and tight green hood over his gray hair. Henry also wields a broad iron shield with a golden cross on it, a piece of equipment from his former life as a Crucible soldier.

Weapons: Henry wields a standard issue Olca iron long sword with a retractable metal hand guard.

Abilities: Henry can see in the dark as all half-elves can. Beyond that, Henry’s main skills and strengths rely on his heavy war experience and trained fighting techniques. Henry has been known to occasionally pull out a symbol of The Crucible and perform exorcisms on possessed individuals.

Bio: Henry Altathuum started his career as a caravan escort working with a large group. Henry’s job was to aid in caravan travel between The Elder Village, and the dwarven town of Finias in the southern mountains. Through this, Henry was able to practice his swordsmanship skills while protecting villagers from the yeti and ice troll presences in the mountains. After a few decades of this work, Henry was recruited into The Crucible by a young Captain Makur. Henry became a good friend of Makur’s, but was unaware of the future general’s involvement with a werewolf order. Henry rose in the ranks fairly quickly, as his swordsmanship skill proved particularly useful against vampires. For decades, Henry became known as The Red Death to vampire groups around Allyria and was feared by many. When General Makur began her insurrection with her werewolf order, she asked Henry to join her, but Henry declined and left the organization. While attempting to leave, Makur initiated a sword fight with Henry, and in the fight, Makur stabbed out his right eye. Today, Henry will no longer talk about his involvement in The Crucible, and will simply say that he “served his time”. Henry no longer has any hatred towards vampires, werewolves or other “monsters”, but he absolutely hates The Crucible, and everyone associated with it today.