Weeping Willy: From a distance, this tree appears as an ordinary Weeping Willow. However, upon a closer look, you can see that the long draping foliage from the tree is actually wiggling on its own. This tree catches tens of thousands of insects in its leaves and branches daily and digests them with an acidic coating on its leaves over the course of an hour or two.

Roaring Foxglove: A small wildflower. This plant creates one red conic flower each spring. This flower is incredibly lethal upon ingestion, and has been known to even kill a giant from one dose.

Sand Shade: Black brittle shrub that grows on the northern side of boulders in the Sardonian Desert. These plants grow both on the material plane as well as the ethereal plane at the same time, so its foliage contains a small amount of ethereal essence. Ground-up sand shade foliage is often used in recipes to create portals to the ethereal realm.

Thuntak Vine: Green and black spiked vine that is well known for causing minor nuisances for travelers who are not particularly observant of their surroundings. This vine typically grows up one tree and crosses between trees in the canopy. From doing this, many Thuntak vines hang down directly over paths passing through forests. Thunktak vines produce a thick white sap that can be used as a minor adhesive.