Dufairian Leech: These green and red striped leeches do not suck blood out of their prey. Instead, these leeches suck the magical ability out of their prey temporarily. These leeches are rare however, as even just one can suck all of the magical ability out of an adult humanoid within a minute. 

Screeching Leaf Hawk: Wingspan of a little under 2 feet. Plumage matches the color of the top jungle canopy, with many green leafy-shaped feathers. This bird effortlessly blends in anywhere in the tree canopy. Predatory bird that feeds on small mice, rodents, and sometimes smaller birds. This hawk can let out a bone-chilling screech that uses innate magic to amplify its sound. This screech has been known to send whole squads of soldiers running in fear.

Grent Gnat: These gnats are highly sought after for their healing properties. While standing in a swarm of these gnats, a creature will slowly be healed from any physical wounds it has. Grent gnats will swarm on physical wounds and as they suck out any tainted, poisoned, or corrupt blood, they will replace it with plasma, water, and magical blood platelets to allow for faster healing. Grent gnats then make small domes on the jungle floor out of the coagulated tainted blood they take  and lay their eggs in them.