Undying Human Soul Reaper

Height: 5’ 8”

Appearance: Apricot colored skin, bright eyes that fully glow green with no visible pupils or irises. Wears black leather strappings for clothing covered in a long black cloak with a black hood. Black hood covers most of Jaden’s face, leaving his glowing eyes to be the most visible thing.

Weapon: Wields a white scythe made from the bones of an undead skeleton lord with a black metal blade. Jaden’s scythe permanently ends a spirit’s consciousness, and his victim’s spirit is absorbed into the weapon, rather than going to the realms of the dead. Once absorbed, Jaden gains the knowledge of the reaped soul, making him one of the most intelligent and wise beings in existence.

Abilities: Jaden can teleport to seemingly any place on the Material plane that he pleases at any time. He can turn himself invisible, as well as use a plethora of necrotic or necromancy spells.

Bio: Jaden Grink grew up on the streets of Gorias, begging for money and food most of his childhood. Most of the other street children would not speak with him due to his unnaturally ethereal glowing green eyes. With these eyes, Jaden soon learned that he was able to see dead souls wandering around the material plane. Then, one day during the Black Plague’s worst years, Jaden saw the souls of some of the other street children get reaped by what he thought was the Grim Reaper. The Reaper realized Jaden could see it, and brought him back to the ethereal plane where Jaden was raised under the teachings of the way of the reaper. Jaden is one of hundreds of trained reapers of varying races that each work for a plane of existence. Jaden has been known to lend the aid of his wisdom to traveling heroes in order to help lead to the deaths of powerful wanted monstrosities. Jaden’s motives are mostly unknown, but seem to be focused around his own self wants and needs.