Alpine Daisy: White flower petals with a yellow center on a single stalk. This daisy can only survive in extreme cold conditions however, and can be eaten for a burst of vigor and energy lasting a whole day.

Tun-Grass: This is a native to the Sardonian Desert. This grass forms long brittle brown blades that are completely edible, but taste like iron.

Turf Leaf: Dark green grass composed of extremely wide blades. One of the most common plants in Allyria, Turf Leaf can survive in many climates and covers the ground in a thin layering of 6 inch tall broad leafed grasses. When cut, Turf Leaf emits a terrible necrotic odor, so most people and wildlife leave it alone.

Flint-phlox: Yellowish leafy plant with blue flowers and a brittle brown stem. When crushed up, the stem acts as excellent fire starting material and burns with a bright red flame. Can be found growing in small clusters in open grasslands. Flint-stem materials are commonly found on Dragonsbane warriors on the move.

Fickle-berry: A yellow-leafed plant with large blue berries that grow all over it in the spring. Berries are a common delicacy, but are known to also be excellent hosting spots for insect infestations.