Blood Rose: Dark red roses that typically grow around a recently buried corpse. Its crushed up pedals can be used for a minor poison

Screaming Meekles: This small ground cover plant with blue and yellow flowers gives off loads of pollen within 5 feet of it. Upon first breathing in the pollen, if a creature cannot resist the poison effect, the creature begins to hear painful psychic screaming in its head until the pollen has worked its way out of their system in an hour.

Ocean Breeze Slippers: Teal flowers growing off of lilypads. Grow in areas with heavy wave breaks, and they float on the surface of the water. These flowers are valued as a food delicacy among many cultures.

Brittle Branch: A form of lime green shrubbery in desert areas that crumbles into dust when touched by mortal hands. Famous for being cultivated by immortal beings into an unfathomable drink.