Dirwhip: A small to medium sized brown rodent creature with a pointed face and very long, thin tail. Tail length averages around 4 to 6 feet long. Can use its tail like a whip in self defense, but is an herbivore otherwise.  Some subspecies of Dirwhips have been seen that have naturally venomous tail tips as well.

Gulper: A large round amphibious creature with teal slimy skin and webbed feet with no arms. Height averages around 6 feet tall. Gulpers are notoriously dangerous for solo travelers venturing through swamp or marsh areas, and have been known to pounce on these travelers and swallow them whole. Gulper slime is used in many anti-paralysis potions.

Velociraptor: One of the many known dinosaur species on Allyria. Velociraptors stand on average at about 1.5 feet tall, but travel in enormous groups of 60 or more known has harriers. A harrier of velociraptors can eviscerate and pick clean an average adult humanoid in a matter of seconds. Velociraptors have purple scaly skin, with deep red pupils. Velociraptor claws produce a natural acid that corrodes enemies that are able to get away from them.

Rentu Bugs or “Rollers”: Large armored red millipede bugs that roll into a ball and tumble through jungle underbrush at high speeds. When rolled up, a Rentu bug diameter is usually around 5 feet. Rentu bug armor plates are known to be stronger than iron, and have natural slashing resistant properties. The bugs are very territorial, and will typically try to bump or bully large creatures out of their territory.