Organization of navigators, cartographers and explorers. This organization has provided Allyria with most of its commonly accepted maps throughout the past century, and Society members spend their time constantly either improving old maps accuracy, or adding new lands to maps. Recently charted the Shandaria and Lothos regions.

History: The Starshape Society was founded by William Maxwell Ludwell, a former Crucible member who left the organization when General Makur created her insurrection. William began to travel on his own, but frequently ran into issues with maps not giving necessary information like beasts to watch out for or dangerous flora. From there, William contacted a series of well-known warriors and rangers to act as explorers and mapmakers for Allyria. William used his massive family fortune to fund the endeavors, and paid his explorers almost as well as bounty hunters.

The Society began raising students within its organization, teaching them methods of exploration, adventure, and cartography. From this, now fully grown Society members raised in the culture have advanced cartography beyond its old uses, including a map of the stars to use to navigate the seas. Through this discovery, Society explorers were able to scan the ocean and find the massive region of Lothos to the northeast of Allyria.

Culture: Those within the organization take a vow of information: That any information useful to a traveler must be reported to the society headquarters in Gorias immediately. In the past few years, the Society has become a massive surveillance network, even keeping eyes on single individuals capable of causing danger in certain regions. The Society’s information vaults are highly sought after, and The Society has been known to sell a few pieces of information to the highest bidders.