Worldwide organization with thousands of members. Each member is an arch-druid, a master of one form of nature magic, and is assigned one climate zone to protect and manage. Supreme Arch-druids of each form meet in the town of Tullamore once a year to discuss issues in their own realms.

Appearance: Climbing Ivy standards require that each arch-druid’s materials are made only from those found within their realm. Thus, many arch-druids’ appearances naturally allow them to blend into their surroundings. Arctic arch-druids would wear cloth made from the shed fur of snow hares, Sand arch-druids would wear Woody armors made from shrub wood and cacti.

Weapons: Each arch-druid is given a staff of their own element from their Supreme leader. The Supreme arch-druid of each realm is tasked with equipping each arch-druid, major or minor with a weapon that is attuned to their own natural frequency. Many arch-druids are given transparent crystals, mistletoe sprigs, and viny woods to use for their spell casting abilities.

Hierarchy: Arch-druids are separated into several tiers of power: Supreme, Major, and Minor.

Supreme Arch-druids are assigned one form of climate, and are placed in control of every realm of that climate type around the world. There are only a limited few of these arch-druids. Examples: Supreme Arch-druid of the Snows, Supreme Arch-druid of the Sands, Supreme Arch-Druid of the Waters, etc.

Major arch-druids are given control over one single climate area, such as one desert, or one icy mountain range. These druids are given a delegation of minor arch-druids to spread their surveillance of the land, and ensure that others do not bring harm to it. These major arch-druids are simply known by their ranking and their area: Arch-druid of the Sardonian Desert / Arch-druid of the Joan Forest, etc.

History: The Climbing Ivies are a relatively new organization founded in Allyria after the end of The Shadow War. Much life was lost due to the shadow plague in natural areas, and druids around the world realized there needed to be a better network of magic users dedicated to protecting wildlife from humanoid effects. Through this, The Climbing Ivies were created in order to form a safety net in case of an ecosystem collapse in areas around the world.

The Climbing Ivies have frequently butted heads with races like The Gortos, and organizations like Dragonsbane in the past, although politically speaking, it calls itself a neutral, passive organization.