Span: Year 1180 – Year 1250

No one knows the actual origins of the shadow plague, but in the year 1180, a force of shadow corrupted warriors and monsters burst their way out from underground and overthrew the angelic city of Fallan. Fallan’s once golden spires were turned to black and shadow, bringing dark black clouds with it. From there, over the next 10 years the plague spread like wildfire across almost all of Allyria, spreading into the slain victims of the shadow horde.

Shadow Horde: The creatures of the shadow horde varied as greatly as the races of all of Allyria. The plague would spread to a slain victim of the horde, and all of that individual’s knowledge and skills instantly became a tool of the shadow horde. Shadow horde enemies have been seen to be anywhere between insane, mind-controlled creatures, to incredibly intelligent manipulative charismatic people. The distinguishing feature of the horde is their pitch black skin, hair, scales, clothes and weapons. Each individual passively emits wisps of shadow almost like a fog around them, and has glowing red eyes that can be seen even through thick cursed darknesses.

It seemed the only ones capable of withstanding the contagion were a group of rumored demigods: Wo-Len, master of illusions / Pirita, The one woman army / Gerendell, The wise one / Ifillwell, the beast / Welly the Trickster / and a mortal named Grax The Destroyer. The demigods had possessed the bodies of a former group of heroes looking to find a solution to the shadow plague, but Grax was able to fight off the control of his demigod, and instead absorbed its powers.

The group separated while in the Sardonian Desert, and each person took up residence in their own section of the world, determined to live their lives in their own way and let the shadow plague take its course. The only individual that remained active was Grax The Destroyer, who spent his time traveling and building himself an army that would eventually take residence in the dwarven town of Finias.

The shadow plague mostly spread unhindered until about the year 1220, when a group of woodland critter folk from the woodland spirit realm, known as the Sweetberries, came to the Material Plane. The group brought the mystical Book of Light, and the mission to reunite the demigods against the shadow plague. One by one, the woodland folk convinced the demigods to fight back and free Allyria from the plague, leading to the most lethal years of the war, claiming millions of lives across the continent.

The hero McTravis united the many demigods’ forces under one banner with the help of a few heroes such as O’Dessa Greengram, and Merlin Ironhand, and lead a final assault against The shadow horde in the year 1245 starting in the southeast section of the continent. McTravis’ forces pushed their way up through the land all the way to the city of Fallan, where they found the shadow leader, a young boy named Dylan Gresham in the year 1250. Using the book of light, The Sweetberries worked together to uncorrupt Dylan, cutting off the head of the shadow plague’s control.

While the Shadow War was considered to end with the de-corruption of Dylan Gresham, the heroes and demigods spent many decades after hunting down remaining sects of the shadow plague around the continent.