Faerie Elf Ranger / Phase Shifter

Height: 5’ 9”

Appearance: Leafy hair that changes color with the seasons: white in winter, yellow in spring, red in summer, and brown in autumn. Light green fair skin, with green eyes. Wears clothing made from hand-spun brown jute and red cotton. Leaf wears brown jute shoes that act more as slippers, which he takes off during combat

Weapons: Leaf uses two longswords. One is the Blade of Sorrows, and the other is the Blade of Radiance. Using his teleporting and phasing abilities, Leaf stole the Blade of Sorrows from the Grim Reaper, and stole the Blade of Radiance from a celestial angel.

Abilities: Leaf is able to change his body’s location at mere will. By phasing through space, Leaf can teleport up to 100 feet away at will, and with great difficulty can create portals for others to step through to teleport them for distances up to unknown limits. Leaf can also phase through thin objects.

Bio: Leaf Ritroot lived as a fisher in the faerie elf village of Abbai. There, he practiced his innate abilities while he worked, often teleporting the fish directly off his line and into his bucket. After a string of seemingly random ogre attacks on the village, Leaf began to investigate what was happening, and met a band of travelers along the way who agreed to help his investigation.

Leaf learned that the ogres were drinking intelligence potions, and Leaf and the travelers witnessed the birth of The Gortos. An endless legion was pouring out of the Gortos demiplane, and Leaf, with the help of the travelers, closed the portal after only about a thousand Gortos had exited, helping to stop the spread of the aggressive faction.

Leaf also fought on the side of the travelers at the very beginning of The Shadow War, but was overtaken by the plague very quickly and served the shadow horde for many years, until the band of woodland spirit realm critters un-corrupted him. Leaf then joined forces with the assault lead by McTravis and helped end the shadow plague.

After The Shadow War, Leaf spent his time with McTravis, training new heroes to help Allyria, while occasionally intervening in the spread of remaining small shadow plague sects around the continent.