Relatives to a few of the dinosaur races that still roam Allyria. Vuntasan population has slowly risen during their known history in the past 400 years. The race’s origins are unknown, but the first tribe of Vuntasans consisted of ten adults that awoke on a dirt patch in the middle of the Jungle of Dufair.

Vuntasans on average stand about 5 to 7 feet tall. Females tend to have large muscular configurations while males tend to be much more agile and quick. Heads and faces look similar to the head of a triceratops, with very small horns similar to the dinosaur equivalent. Vuntasan skin consists of scales varying in shades of color, some Vuntasans have been gray, some green, some red.

Vuntasan lifespans are similar to that of humans, so about 6 generations have passed in their history.

Armor: Vuntasans have mastered the art of crafting with the rare mineral, riudite, but the Vuntasans refer to the objects they produce out of it as “attuned steel”. The metal is able to hold onto certain spell castings, and produce effects with that. Vuntasan armor hue varies depending on the spell cast on it. For example, a set of attuned steel metal will appear reddish if imbued with fire resistance. A great axe that is imbued with lightning might permanently be charged with dangerous energy and radiate the color yellow. The attuned steel plates of their armor are connected to a thin suit of green jungle vines twined together into a cloth found incredibly uncomfortable to any without scaled skin.

Weapons: Vuntasans also use attuned steel with their weapons, granting them the ability to use the weapon to cast a spell in the middle of combat. Vuntasan spell choice is up to each militia member, so each weapon seen around the village crackles with varying colored energies.

Culture: Vuntasans are incredibly friendly and welcoming of all races until given a reason to distrust. This has caused issues for the Vuntasans in the past, but the group’s extreme skill in quick combat has made up for its losses.

History: For a period of one century, The Vuntasan population was split in half. A large portion of its old militia were sent to Hy-Bramil to collect more riudite, but the Gourheil Ocean was then frozen over due to magical events, and the militia was unable to return until the ocean was thawed 100 years later thanks to the Fillian crystal and Grung Warcaw.