Attuned Steel

Composed of the mineral riudite, smashed down into its smallest crystals and smelted into steel. This metal is primarily used by Vuntasans, but has been seen in various jungle cat villages as well. Riudite is harvested from several sources in the Jungle of Dufair, and is not known to come from any other source. Some believe the riudite in the jungle is all from the same source, and are actually pieces of the original Source-rock, the mythological source of all magic in the world.

Attuned Steel is most well known for its ability to absorb and re-emit a spell. This allows Vuntasan warriors to imbue their armors with magical abilities helping them in the dangerous combat of the jungle. The Steel’s color is originally of a white hue, but as the riudite crystals are imbued with magic, the steel will take on the color of the magic inside it.


Used by the Hordes of Shadow, during The Shadow War. Composed of the crushed up bones of the shadow plague’s enemies, filled in with liquid iron that would harden into shapes. This bone-metal mixture was used for all construction, armor and weaponry of Shadow warriors.

Not only was the metal strong, but it also created a necrotic effect on anyone the metal struck, eating away at living flesh. Enemies of the Shadow Plague were unable to enter constructions relying on this material.


A mixture of silver and golden metals primarily used by The Tyrannic Cult. Tyranium has the unique ability to amplify the power of lightning and sound damage around it with special acoustic properties. Tyranium is the only metal that is able to hold powers of Taranis, the storm god, within it.