Orcish Wizard / Warder

Height: 6’3”

Appearance: Muscular. Forest green skin. Bald head. Every bit of visible skin is covered in black tattoos of various religious, historical, or arcane significance. Wears a maroon robe that usually covers his arms and legs entirely. Has several golden nose and ear rings. 

Weapons: Grung only uses his hands to cast his spells, or innately activates his tattoo wards.

Abilities: Knows a very diverse set of spells. In addition, each of Grung’s tattoos is warded with magic, granting him abilities beyond the normal, such as immortality.

Bio: The Warcaw family was known for its rigorous study of two things: mystical warding in the form of tattoos, and the eight Crystals of Armaar. Grung spent his entire life studying the two topics, and far surpassed any of his family in skills and abilities. After delving into his work for over two decades, Grung discovered a warding tattoo that could grant him immortality. He instantly applied it to himself, and destroyed his findings of it. Now, Grung’s existence is considered permanent with regards to the magical essence that surrounds all things. When Grung’s body is destroyed in one place, it is simply recreated in another. Later in Grung’s life, the man took up a hunt for one of the Crystals of Armaar with the help of the also immortal bone knight, Vorth Garetick. After searching for years, the two found and negotiated the trade for The Fillian Crystal, one of the Crystals of Armaar that focused on the inner power of life. Grung used his knowledge of this crystal to grant himself superhuman powers, and cast the crystal away, having used its magic up for the time being. Grung is now one of the members of The Immortal Syndicate, and weighs in on conflicts around Allyria, typically pushing some kind of ulterior motive with his suggestions, such as pushing for the expansion of Dragon’s Watch.