Worldwide organization dedicated to the protection and preservation of all dragon-kind. Dragon’s Watch was founded when Captain Rey Griffon and her battalion seceded from Dragonsbane in the year 1040, after meeting the good-natured golden dragon, Renslax. Renslax still offers advice to the organization from time to time, although most of their power is derived from other dragon essences.

Dragon’s Watch warriors are individually imbued with mystical dragon essence depending on their previous accomplishments. Based on their own nature, varying powers reveal themselves, and warriors are trained for years in their own style of fighting by the dragons themselves.

One of the most famous Dragon’s Watch members was Timothy Greengram, son of O’Dessa Greengram. Timothy was chosen by a green nature dragon, and was given innate abilities to manipulate, speak to, or control all forms of beasts. Timothy was known for turning massive amounts of beasts in jungles or forests against assaulting Dragonsbane forces.

Armor: Dragon’s Watch armor base layering changes depending on what form of dragon had chosen the individual. If a fire dragon chose the individual for example, their underlying leather would be heat treated and resistant. Above that, Dragon’s Watch warriors wore a full cuirass of blank steel armor. The individual’s dragon will then gift the individual some of its own scales to allow for further resistance against magical effects.

Weapons: Dragon’s Watch weapons vary greatly, and there is no standard issue weaponry. Each individual warrior chooses their own weaponry, as long as they can use it in conjunction with their dragon essence abilities. Some examples are: Whips made from fire, a permanently poisonous rapier, or ice throwing daggers.

Politics: Dragon’s Watch is the mortal enemy of the organization Dragonsbane. The two have been at war with each other in what is known as The Great Dragon War, which begun in 1040, and is still ongoing in the year 1300.