God of health.

Symbol: a green cross

Godhood status: Was originally born a human. Given godhood by Artio, the goddess of nature and wildlife, after plagues afflicted early civilizations and Bran risked his life to act as a nurse for the sick.

Modern info: Worshippers place their sanctuaries in the poorest areas of cities, in areas with the most sick and dying. Sanctuaries normally consist of long empty echoing stone hallways with wooden rooftops, with many cots lining the walls. Also act as hospitals for cities so many non-religious doctors and nurses also work at these places of worship. Worshippers dedicate their lives to the study and practice of medicine. Bran grants divine Constitution at times of need. Bran left for the Celestial heavens hundreds of years ago and has not been seen since, but whispers through prayers still come through.

Feuds with other deities: Bran is known as a neutral god, and is not known to have any rivalries or fights with others.