Visual: A gleam of sunlight reflects off the tops of tall golden and silver spires, surrounded by beige sandstone city walls with battlements sparsely placed. The city walls are surrounded by enormous crop fields spanning as far as the eye can see, with varieties of shrubs, bushes, and trees of many kinds. The fields are worked by humanoids of all races dressed in tattered rags for clothes, with humanoids dressed in golden Tyranic armor watching over them with fire whips. The city gates consist of thick iron and gold intertwined bars spanning an area 50 feet wide. Guards wearing silver Tyranic armor stand at each side of the gate, with two ogres in chains as well.

History: The Kingdom was constructed by the slaves of The Tyranic Cult, to form a headquarters for their organization. The island itself was built using the magic of Stonemancers found and enslaved from all over Allyria. Using mines of the nearby island of Illithid, Tyranic members used their slaves to harvest the incredible amounts of gold and silver used for the city’s buildings. The cult’s island is surrounded by precisely placed fortified naval stations, making it very easy to protect by sea. The city was completed in the year 1156, where the cult began to thrive under the times’ Thunder Master, Brook Granduul, known as the greatest Thunder Master in Tyranic history. Brook lead the cult through prosperous times for over 80 years, and in her conquests, enslaved the entire tropical island region of Hy-Bramil for the cult. After her death, the year limit of Thunder Master was changed to 1 year. In the year 1265, a resurgent group of the ancient wizarding organization known as The Casters launched a full assault on The Kingdom. The Casters knew the Tyranic Cult had enslaved a group of adventurers wanted for death by wizarding organization, and the cult refused to allow any form of extradition. The Tyranic Navy as well as its ground force made very quick work of The Casters’ summoned elemental minions, proving their extreme might.

Culture: Tyranic Cult members never remove their armor in front of their slaves, or others outside the organization, and are usually only known for their military achievements, as their decor is all that is visible of their person. Tyranic members spend much of their free time betting on gladiatorial slave fights within The Kingdom. Many underground slave fighting rings exist, although formally, the rings are banned in the culture.

Politics: In the year 1268, Thunder Master Wingrave attempted to seize long lasting control of his political position, and two rivalling parties formed: The Loyalists, and The Gravists. Loyalists fought in many political debates to defend the political time limit, while Gravists wanted Thadeus Wingrave to be an exception and rule for many years like Thunder Master Granduul. This erupted into a cold political war with many propaganda ads put out against Wingrave’s opponents. In the end, Wingrave was assassinated by an unknown person, and the kingdom’s politics returned to normal.