Halabard is a magical realm that sits on the edge between the material plane, and the woodland spirit realm. From the material plane, it appears to sit on the edge of an island accessible only by boat. From the woodland spirit realm, it sits within a never-ending forest, and can only be found by magical means.


Visual from the Material Plane:

An island grows closer in the distance, notably covered in a forest consisting of trees several hundreds of feet tall. As your ship closes in, you see a massive jagged object protruding from the unbelievably tall tree line, growing larger and larger as you get closer. The object is a massive pink, transparent crystal formation, about a thousand feet tall by your best estimations, and with many jagged peaks around it. Docks made of blue and green crystal run off the front of the massive formation, with ships of all shapes and sizes moored in sight.

Visual from the woodland spirit realm:

You see a massive pink object in the distance, as you head to the edge of the enchanted forest. More edges of the object are revealed as you get closer, revealing this to be one massive crystal shard formation. On the front of the formation is a massive archway created by twisting and intertwined white vines, glowing with a faint light green light. The crystal is vaguely transparent, and blue torch lights line what you can make out to be streets and pathways throughout the formation. Citizens of many different races can be seen hustling and bustling through the streets, and you not only see all the woodland critter-folk races, but also humans, elves, and other material plane races. Two ape-ling guards stand in front of the archway holding halberds with blue-tinted metal heads crackling with purple magical energy, equipped with Giant Wasp exoskeletons as armor.


Culture: Halabard accepts cultures of all kinds from anywhere in the world, but mostly consists of those with magical abilities. The merrier races like gnomes and halflings tend to throw parades through the crystal streets very often to celebrate various harvests or historical holidays. Other more serious cultures also take part in city affairs, such as the bounty hunter organization, The Glithorian League, as well as some others, but very few of these bounty hunters are ever seen in the city. Many shops exist in the free market air of the city, and some of the best enchanted and magical equipment can be found here. The city is also very well known for its supply of rare spirit realm ingredients used for potion-making and alchemy.


Politics: Halabard has no central political system, and does not seem to need one for the society to function as a whole. When new citizens arrive, the crystal shard instantly grows to create a household to accomodate the creature, if they are good-natured. Evil-natured creatures that enter this city typically cannot find room and are not seen of again after about 3 days in the city.