The Gortos are actually future descendants of modern day ogres, originating from the Wysterian Jungle. A demon lord tasked the ogres with the duty of finding materials to create intelligence potions. Instead, the ogres imbibed on the intelligence potions themselves and began a search of their own to refine their intelligence drinks. In their experiments, the ogres accidentally opened a portal to a demi-plane of existence in which time traveled much faster. Several ogres went into the demi-plane, and after about a year in Allyria, a completely different race emerged, having thrived in the demi-plane for centuries of its own timescale.

The Gortos have evolved physically, as well as mentally, relying on new-found plasma technologies for their weaponry, armor, and tools. Race members have much more developed muscles than original ogres, and are vastly more intelligent than even modern day tinkering gnomes. The average Gortos stands at about 10 feet tall, and is able to lift up to three times its own weight. Gortos warriors are now feared throughout Allyria as some of the most vicious and deadly warriors known in existence.

Weapons: Weapon technology used by The Gortos can only be activated by a living member of their race, using an unknown signature from their own bodies to activate each weapon or tool. Standard Gortos warriors are equipped with a long range plasma rifle that can fire off a certain number of lightning shots before needing to recharge. Each Gortos warrior is also issued a standard issue plasma axe, consisting of a metal alloy quarterstaff that can be activated to extend an electrical plasma axe blade.

Gortos culture is based entirely around acts of aggression and violence, and often times political positions of power are also decided by a match of military might between two generals’ battalions. Gortos are very unaccepting of other cultures, although they respect other warrior cultures such as the stealthy hunter-like military of the cat-person village of Marius.

Once the Gortos race emerged from their demiplane, they began a conquest that quickly overtook the entire Wysterian Jungle. However, their expansion efforts were thwarted by an alliance between the Enochian Riders, The Crucible, and The Hunters of Dufair. This alliance was lead by the veteran O’Dessa Greengram, and after four years of war, The Gortos were pushed back to their original position in the center of the Wysterian Jungle, where they remain to this day.

Some Gortos members have left the confines of the jungle on their own and have joined various organizations around Allyria such as The Glithorian League, or Dragonsbane.