Gnomish Hydromancer / Explorer

Height: 3’3″

Appearance: Yellowish brown complexion with vibrantly blue eyes. Wears a leafy suit made from sea flora of various shades of blue. Basil wears no shoes as she usually walks through waterways, and wears a brown cloth hood.

Weapon: Basil wields a Bluehearst vine as a quarterstaff, showing off a vivid teal coloring with a crooked end. The weapon allows her to commune with swamp deities and summon more plant vines and growths.

Armor: Basil’s leafy suit has shark leather padding underneath various areas for protection, even underwater.

Abilities: Basil can move at breakneck speeds while riding any kind of woody log or platform in water by moving the water itself underneath of her. Basil tends to rely on using waves of water to crash against her enemies and throwing them into harder objects. Basil can also use her vine quarterstaff to call forth thick plant growth and enrich an entire swamp within a matter of minutes.

Bio: Basil was born in the human town of Kilcogy, but as a child, ran away due to bullies of her age. She quickly fell in love with the nurturing nature of the critters in the Limerick Marshes, and began to study the plants, amphibians, reptiles, and birds that lived there. Basil realized that water was the source of the life she saw, and went back to Kilcogy’s wizardry school, The Aviary. Basil ignored the teachings of the school, which focused on the element of air, and instead found old texts about the use of water magic. Even after she was kicked out of the school for her poor performances, she took the texts with her and mastered her art. Basil now uses her time to enrich the life in the vast Limerick Marshes, and occasionally helps travelers through the impassable area.