Human Mageslayer / Bounty Hunter

Association: Freelance

Nickname: The Magekiller

Height: 6’ 1”

Apperance: Very dark skinned. Green eyes. Medium length hair stuck straight up in a headband, with a long thick beard reaching his chest. Covered in tightly wrapped vibrantly colored blue fabrics strapped together in a bronze metal chest piece. Bronze plated gauntlets cover his hands and forearms.

Armor: Merlin’s armor was smelted by the legendary craftsmen in the dwarven city of Shandar. His bronze armor is specifically created to resist magical effects and damages.

Weapons: Merlin is highly trained in hand to hand combat. Mostly utilizes his two weapons: The spellweaver, and Wraald. The spell weaver is a dagger made from black metal with a hooked blade. Spellweaver is used to quickly counter-act and cancel out spells being cast. Wraald is a golden double-sided longsword that Merlin wields in one hand. Each side of the weapon is imbued with the electrical essence of a lightning dragon, and can absorb lightning as well.

Abilities: Merlin has been taught a few counter spells against magical foes, and can utilize them when he sees a foe casting a spell. Merlin is also very tactically trained, and is very skilled at planning ambushes.

Bio: Merlin Ironhand has been a well known bounty hunter for centuries, but no one has ever known the man well. In some cities, citizens believe Merlin Ironhand is simply a legend, as someone to be afraid of if you do something really bad. In reality, Merlin Ironhand is a name and title passed down within the Chester family. The Chester family has always specialized in bounty hunting, and the most recent and modern Merlin Ironhand is Rytherior Chester. Rytherior has spent his life studying the terrible Spell Wars, between the wizarding group known as The Casters, and the other group known as the Followers of Gwydion. Rytherior decided that he would help stop unworthy people from using magic irresponsibly and horribly as the two groups did when they created the Sardonian Desert. As Merlin Ironhand, Rytherior only takes on bounty jobs that ask for the capture of magic users he deems unfit to wield anything magical.