The Tyranic Cult

Now considered its own nation, The Tyranic Cult rules over its enslaved colonies all within the tropical region of Hy-Bramil. This cult rigorously trains its members from a very young age, and its warriors are known as some of the most gruesome and skilled in the world. Cult members must partake in at least one enslaving conquest, in which a battalion of cult warriors overthrow and enslave an entire village, town, or race of people. Tyranic cult members use their slaves for construction projects and farming, and each slaver is assigned a small group of slaves to watch over and command.

God: Tyranic Slavers worship Taranis, god of the storm and thunder. Taranis visits the Tyranic headquarters once every century and chooses one cult member to be worthy of accepting the spirit of the demigod, Tyranian. Tyranian is the demigod of lightning, and as such, his spiritual presence in a body slowly tears the body to pieces, so the cult member usually only lives for about 5 years after accepting the spirit.

Places of Worship: Rhythmic drumming can be heard all day every day emanating from the cult’s places of worship. Priests and Priestesses here maintain a constant drumming ritual that simulates the sound of thunder. These drumming rituals are only purposefully stopped when The Kingdom is being attacked.

Appearance: Cult members never show their skin or bodies, instead being covered in full suits of silver, bronze, or golden armor depending on their ranking within the cult. Suits of armor include intricately designed helmets with one small blade along the top. The only visible part of each cult member is their eyes, which glow through their armor’s eye slits.

Weapons: Tyranic Cult Members are fans of weapons that require finesse. They are typically very strongly skilled swordsman, each wielding a unique blade that they have been spiritually bound to. The type of metal used and other materials present affect the essence of the weapon, giving some cult members extra abilities with their blade. The most common ability associated with cult member blades is that of the creation of a sonic boom on a strike. Cult warriors sometimes also carry a golden shield with them, with the symbol for Taranis, a storm cloud with a single lightning bolt. This shield often can project a bubble force field around the holder as well.

Headquarters: The Tyranic Cult used its slave colonies to build an artificial island to the northeast of the region of Hy-Bramil. This artificial island was built with stone naval stations positioned all around it to allow for the easy ability to protect the city. The city built on this island is referred to simply as The Kingdom, and is built with stone streets and silver and gold buildings. The massive silver and gold deposits used for these buildings were found and mined by Tyranic slaves on the island of Illithid in the region.

Politics: Political rankings are given to cult members determined by military achievements, and competing cult members are voted for by their Tyranic peers. However, political positions of power are only allowed to be held for 1 year at a time. The highest political office to be held is that of Thunder Master.

Mysteries: Tyranic Cult members are only ever seen in the community for a maximum duration of ten years. Most cult members known to other organizations are never seen from again after they’ve reached their ten year mark. While this seems absolutely normal to Tyranic cult members, no one from outside this community is aware of what the reason is behind this.