Association: The Glithorian League

The Elementalist children were all raised within The Glithorian League, and were experimented upon, being exposed to gemstones emanating different magical essences. Through this experimentation, each elementalist absorbed a particular elemental essence. Over the next twenty years, the elementalist companions learned to control their powers, and the group quickly rose among the ranks of bounty hunters, proving to be deadly and efficient at their jobs.

Scarlet Searca

Elven Pyromancer / Bounty Hunter

Height: 6’2”

Missing her left arm from the shoulder down. Tall, with a dark brown tan and jet black hair. Angular facial features. Deep blue eyes. 

Armor: Red silky dressage with puffed up shoulders and a centered symbol of The bounty hunter organization, The Glithorian League. Symbol consists of two crossed daggers with a gold coin beneath.

Weapons: Scarlet creates melee weapons out of pure fire in her hands, but the shape usually sticks to that of a fire rapier.

Abilities: Scarlet can choose to send pulses of pure searing heat emanating up to 20 feet around her at will, and can slowly heat up any piece of metal within 30 feet of her.

Bio: Scarlet was raised within The Glithorian League, alongside her Elementalist companions. Scarlet was then taken into the personal custody of Trogar Searca, an orcish man famous for his gruesome bounty kills. Trogar taught his cruelty to Scarlet in her young age. At the age of 29, Scarlet lost her arm in a battle with a monstrous beast still at large in the Swamps of Ushnagh. The beast had hundreds of rows of teeth when it opened its mouth, and that is all Scarlet can remember of it, as she was traumatized from the event. 


Human Electromancer / Bounty Hunter

Height: 5’6”

Pale skinned with radiantly white spiky hair. Wiry build. Constantly appears to be jittering, but is actually just moving at rapid speeds at all times.

Armor: Full black leather wrappings exposed to high winds and cold temperatures in order to allow resistance against the high speed winds around Blinks.

Weapons: Blinks makes use of his extensive martial arts training for battles, and only uses his own body. Blinks vibrates his arms fast enough that they gain additional piercing properties against enemies.

Abilities: Superspeed. Can build up the strength over time to move quickly enough that he appears as several people for a short time. Blinks can create lightning arcs between himself and others due to the massive amount of static electricity he creates.

Bio: Blinks’ potential was seen almost immediately after his body had absorbed the essence of electricity. The boy was taken in and raised under the Rapar Monastery, which exclusively trained assassins for The Glithorian League. Blinks was unable to stop his own superspeed, therefore living at a pace much faster than other living mortals. Due to the massive amount of time he had on his hands, Blinks invested all of his time into his martial arts training, and mastered over 40 forms of fighting. Blinks practices meditation each day to attempt to calm his racing mind slightly. 

Brock Hardfoot

Gnomish Stonemancer / Bounty Hunter

Height: 3’ 9”

Blocky facial features. Wide set eyes. Gray, stone-colored and patterned skin.

Armor: Brock always wears a suit of pure stone and earth from the neck down, making them very hard to damage through it by ordinary means.

Weapons: Brock wields two block hammers made entirely out of marble, making the weapons too heavy to lift for most average sized creatures. Using these two hammers, Brock can focus their earthen powers, but they do not necessarily need them.

Abilities: Brock uses their hammers to be able to pull up and hurl medium sized boulders at enemies up to a range of 60 feet. Their hammers can also be slammed into the ground to force a pillar of earth up under an enemy up to 20 feet away. Without their hammers, brock can cause vicious, uncontrolled earthquakes for a radius up to 30 feet around them. Brock is also incredibly stealth and can blend in with earthy surroundings. 

Bio: After his exposure to the essence of earth, Brock was taken in by Huck Snakeskin, a deadly member of the League. Huck taught Brock the arts of stealth and sabotage in his young age. Huck sent Brock on a solo mission to take down the Basilisk of Mount Eris. Finding the help of the young Merlin Ironhand, Brock felled the beast and brought the basilisk’s front teeth back as proof of his deed, which Huck still makes use of for his poisoning missions.

Aquart Gruffjaw

Orcish Hydromancer / Bounty Hunter

Height: 6’3”

Dull green skin. Dark Blue/Black long braided hair.

Armor: Blue cloak and hood covering up the rest of her body most of the time. Brown and green leathers worn underneath the cloak. Occasionally wears a magically enchanted blue cloth mask that allows her to breathe underwater – Gifted to Aquart by the goddess of the sea, Bionn.

Weapons: Aquart attempts to only battle while near bodies of water, as she cannot physically create it herself. When enough water is present, Aquart will conjure pure water elementals to fight for her. If only small amounts of water are available, she will use the water as a physical whip, adding her own potions and poisons into the water to give it varying abilities in combat. Poison whip. Corrosive whip. Necrotic Whip.

Abilities: Aquart can summon and control up to 6 water elementals at a time, and does not drop the conjuration unless she is knocked unconscious. The water whip she can create has an attack range of up to 10 feet. Aquart can also speed her movement up by gliding on water underneath her. Aquart also has the ability to freeze any water she controls, including her water elementals.

Bio: After her exposure to the elemental essence of water, Aquart was taken in by The Glithorian League bounty hunter, Gereena Drake. Gereena was a master necromancer, and Aquart very quickly picked up her summoning skills, using water elementals in exchange for summoned dead. Aquart grew up using her water elementals as company, and usually forms them into certain different humanoid shapes. Aquart regularly spends her time alone, and only comes out of her home in the sewers when she is on a contract.