Scarlet Searca

Elven Pyromancer / Bounty Hunter

Height: 6′ 2″

Missing her left arm from the shoulder down. Tall, with a dark brown tan and jet black hair. Angular facial features. Deep blue eyes.

Armor: Red silky dressage with puffed up shoulders and a centered symbol of The bounty hunter organization, The Glithorian League. Symbol consists of two crossed daggers with a gold coin beneath.

Weapons: Scarlet creates melee weapons out of pure fire in her hand, but the shape usually sticks to that of a fire rapier. This fire weapon shape changes with her mood.

Abilities: Scarlet can choose to send pulses of pure searing heat emanating up to 20 feet around her at will, and can slowly heat up any piece of metal within 30 feet of her.

Organizations: Scarlet is a bounty hunter member of The Glithorian League, and is also a member of the sub-sect of bounty hunters known as The Elementalists. The other three Elementalist members are Blinks, the air/lightning elementalist, Aquart Gruffjaw, the water elementalist, and Brock Hardfoot, the stone elementalist.

Bio: Scarlet was raised within The Glithorian League, alongside her Elementalist companions. The Elementalist children were experimented upon, being exposed to gemstones emanating different magical essences. Through this experimentation, each elementalist absorbed a particular elemental essence. Scarlet was then taken into the personal custody of Trogar Searca, an orcish man famous for his gruesome bounty kills. Trogar taught his cruelty to Scarlet in her young age. Over the next twenty years, the elementalist companions learned to control their powers, and the group quickly rose among the ranks of bounty hunters, proving to be deadly and efficient at their jobs. At the age of 29, Scarlet lost her arm in a battle with a monstrous beast still at large in the Swamps of Ushnagh. The beast had hundreds of rows of teeth when it opened its mouth, and that is all Scarlet can remember of it, as she was traumatized from the event.