Worldwide organization dedicated towards the eradication of dragon-kind. Separated into smaller regional sects focused on their own dragons. Each sect is lead by an appointed Chancellor, who is typically a decorated dragon slayer, but sometimes a local politician.

Headquarters: Dragonsbane hierarchy is centered around the Chancellor of the region of Ushnagh, known as The Great Slayer. The Great Slayer’s silver palace is the center of the diverse metropolis of Olca. Each regional Chancellor is called to the silver palace once every five years to discuss the state of the war on dragons. The current Great Slayer is Chancellor Justin Renk, a human given a few god-like powers by the storm demigod Tyranium.

Enemies: While Dragonsbane is dedicated to eradicating dragons, the organization Dragon’s Watch is dedicated to protecting and preserving them. Dragon’s Watch warriors are imbued with magics of their dragons to fight with unnatural abilities.

Heavy Armor: Dragonsbane standard silver plated armor cover the warrior head to toe in metal. A helmet is fitted for each warrior with a certain number of notches designed in the shape of dragon’s wings. Each notch denotes a slain dragon.

Medium and Light Armor: Dragonsbane standard armors consist of a mixture of gray wool and green leather woven together. Leather originates from the large auroch beast, and has been treated with extremely high temperatures making it resistant to fire and cold. More decorated warriors have ethereal essence imbued into their armor, allowing them to turn themselves invisible for a short time as well.

Legions: Dragonsbane warriors travel in platoons mostly consisting of heavily armored close range warriors, backed by a small amount of magic users. In ancient times, platoons used to carry red and green standards denoting their status, but modern day Dragonsbane legions focus primarily on stealth, and surprising dragons.

Heavy Melee Weapons: Heavy armor users are trained with the use of the Dragon Slaying Greatsword, a standard issue for any Dragonsbane foot soldier. These great swords are enchanted by the organization’s many paid witches to allow them to pierce a dragon’s magical scale coating. These weapons are extremely heavy, and typically only strong powerful races are able to wield them.

Light Melee Weapons: Light armor users are trained heavily in martial arts and the skills of ninjutsu. These warriors effortlessly dodge to and fro to avoid dragon attacks and breaths. These mages are able to cast spells and make ranged attacks while dodging through the air.

Ranged Weapons: All Dragonsbane warriors are equipped with silvered throwing knives and elvish arrows, made for better accuracy.