Mouse-folk Magical Archer / Gadgeteer

Height: 0’7”

Pure white furred mouse-folk with green eyes standing on two feet. Wears a small golden chest plate with a red cloth cloak and hood. Wears a utility belt with numerous gray pouches and a set of goggles that have telescoping sights.

Weapons: White cedar short bow stave with a green orcish string. Arrows made from gold metal splinters. Small beads packed with various types of chemicals for different effects. Flash beads, Sonic beads, Flame beads, Ice beads.

Abilities: McTravis can enchant his arrows and give them a few different magical properties. Demon-banishing arrow. Curving arrow. Piercing arrow. McTravis can also construct new gadgets for use.

Bio: McTravis once was the sole defender of his mouse-folk village of Migar. His original foes consisted of large plains cats attempting to feed on his people. From there, McTravis was found by a traveling group of heroes, and he instantly became a vital part of the team. McTravis put his archery and gadgeteering skills to good use, and helped equip a famous group of heroes with armor and weapons necessary for their battles. After a few years, the group was defeated and corrupted by the deadly Shadow Plague, but McTravis escaped with his life. The mouse-folk then spent years accruing a team of heroes to fight back against the plague, and eventually brought about the death of the plague’s controller, Dylan Gresham. McTravis travels around the continent of Allyria, following calls for help by others.