O’Dessa Greengram

Human Beast Master / Monster Hunter

Height: 5’ 9”

Pale white skin with dull toned long straight blonde hair.

Armor: Worn light brown leather armor with entwining brown and blackened vines covering the surface. Armor was created for her by The Blessed Tree in the cursed Alaindrel forest.

Weapons: Cherrywood longbow with a silvered string created by O’Dessa herself. Silver dagger with a curved blade. Uses arrows soaked in holy water that has been bathed in moonlight.

Companion: “Snarl” – Pet panther with jet black fur that blends into the night. O’Dessa found Snarl under a dead mother panther who died defending it against some other creature. Snarl is 3 years old.

Abilities: Can communicate with animals with simple hand gestures and noises, and can understand their languages. Exceptionally skilled at training and handling beasts.

Bio: In her early years, O’Dessa spent her time traveling the world to meet new beasts and animals, while hunting down monstrosities like werewolves and vampires. In her travels, she discovered Snarl in the Jungle of Dufair. O’Dessa freed many animals from the captivity of humanoids, and found many enemies along the way, as long as a few friends. During this time, O’Dessa aided Dragon’s Watch in fighting against the deadly Shadow Plague and thus, O’Dessa is now wanted dead by the organization Dragonsbane, an organization that is the sworn enemy to all dragons across the world.