I wonder what it is about life

That leads us all to cope in our own ways

What is it about life

That requires us all to get away


Some use food

Feeding themselves until they starve of everything else that life has to offer

Only looking for a fleeting sense of satisfaction


Some use religion

Pulling themselves away from the ordinary daily chaos that surrounds them

Looking for something extraordinary in a world that is nothing but mundane and painful.


Some use drugs

Another word for an escape from the reality they endure

Looking for a narrower world,

One that is easier to understand,

Even if only for a moment.


And as I sit here only a little after noon,

Sipping on hard liquor,

Smoking to my heart’s content,

I wonder


What is it about life that is just so simply impossible to endure?


Whatever your definition of a vice is,

We all have one.


Why do I, too, feel the need to cope?


We all have struggles we deal with day in and day out.

Every second of every day.

But to say that those struggles are simply too overwhelming to deal with without escapes

Would be ridiculous.

We are all strong enough to handle what life throws at us.

So why do we feel that we need to cope?


If the two options available to us are life and death,

We’d all choose life.

We all do choose life.

So why exactly do we put ourselves in death’s way

Just to cope with the choice we make ourselves?


Even as you read this, I still wonder


Why read something that makes you question your own decisions?


Perhaps we all just need to be challenged

In our own, twisted ways.


Perhaps we want to be challenged,

Want to struggle

Want to bleed

Want to cope.

Perhaps the reason we’d make our choice

Is not to choose life,

But to beat death.


But to say that…

To say that, one would only sound petty.


So I guess I’ll continue to wonder

Sipping and smoking my own coping devices

Watching as others do the same.

We all call Death to our front door,

I just hope others notice it too.