The familiar sound of chains clinked around Mu’s ankles as he hobbled through the Elder Village barracks, lead by two well-armored knights. Their heavy boots pounded on the stone floor as they walked, adding almost a rhythmic beat to their procession. At last, they arrived at a large wooden door reinforced with steel plating. One of the soldiers knocked three times before an exhausted voice called out in response, “Come in.”

Mu found himself standing before the captain of the village guard, who wore a much more serious face than in their previous encounter. He no longer wore a helmet with his armor, and his long glowing golden hair looked just as ornate and flashy as his helmet did.

“Captain Jelly Beans!” one solder barked in a deep disciplined voice. “This man was found starting a fight at the tavern. He was even picking on a helpless halfling. Claims there was a man using magic there that provoked him.”

“And this magic man, where is he?” the guard captain asked.

“Nowhere to be found, sir,” the soldier responded unwaveringly.

“Thank you, that is all,” Jelly Beans sighed, clasping his hands together on his desk. As the two soldiers left, the guard captain stood and began to pace the room slowly, closing the door in the process.

“Times are changing fast, Mu,” the guard captain began. “I had you pegged the second you came into this city,” he continued, “I know you didn’t start any fight. A man like you keeps to his own business, a business I’m sure I want to know nothing about.”

After circling back around his desk, J.B. opened a small drawer, grabbing some sort of trinket inside. Thumbing over the object in his hands for a moment, the guard captain placed it firmly on the desk.

It was a small glass orb, showing faint tints of a variety of colors, with a small cork plugging a hole on its top. A strange feeling almost began to seep into Mu’s spirit, giving him a sinking feeling that seemed to originate from the trinket in front of him.

“I’m assuming you don’t know what this is,” the captain stated, never taking his eyes off of the large warrior. Mu shook his head. “Well neither do I, son, and that’s a problem. You see this glass orb emanates a kind of magic that I’ve never seen before,” the guard captain explained, “A kind of magic that is somehow entirely unaffected by our so-called flawless city walls.”

Turning his back to the large man in chains, he continued his explanation. “You see, the people in this town are afraid. Afraid that maybe they haven’t been as safe behind these walls as they thought. Afraid that all the big bad elements out there in the world could be making their way a lot closer to home than they’ve ever known–”

“Listen,” Mu interjected, quickly losing patience. “That’s all very interesting, but I don’t really see what this has to do with me.”

“What this has to do with you is this: I believe you were provoked by a man wielding magic. I believe that man had a specific interest in you for a reason, and I believe you’re more wrapped up in something than even you thought,” Jelly Beans reasoned. “Now I need you to start talking. You’re going to help me find this man, and you’re going to explain to me exactly what it is that he wanted with you.”