Protecting the Elder Village for centuries, the Walls of Cannachte stood almost impossibly high above the travelers, and masterfully etched runes shimmered with the slightest tints of blue, covering almost all of the structure’s side. It had been pouring rain for over two hours now, and lightning littered the sky behind the town. As the three drew closer to their destination, the blueish glow seemed to flicker for a moment, only to return to its original hue.

That must be what Sheila was referring to, Mu thought to himself after noticing the flickering light. He had heard stories of these walls all his life, and every fable agreed that no magic could pierce its warding. For this ancient structure was created at a time when magic was still brand new to this world, a time when the abilities that humans could wield were volatile, concentrated, and unfathomably powerful. But if the rumors of the dead coming back to life in town were true, something had to be wrong.

No magic source in existence could control that raw power, the large warrior reasoned. He knew of no weapons or warfare powerful enough to affect such ancient magics. Snapping himself out of his wonder, Mu corrected his own thought. It doesn’t matter! We just need to get her to the Council, and then we can start asking around for this Dougal guySomeone has to know something about him here. 

While Mu was lost in thought, Sheila gazed upon the walls with a strong admiration. Even though she was only presenting herself to be from the Elder Village, her home domain of Shandar instilled a strong appreciation for powerful magics such as these. The raw energy present in the structure emanated off of the walls, making the air itself feel thicker; which was more than enough to intimidate each of the adventurers as they passed through the massive gate.

“Excuse me, madame Sheila,” the small jester squeaked in his unusually high pitched voice. “But will these walls take all of our magics aw—“

As the three finished their passage through the walls, the man’s voice cut out instantly, making a tiny *pop* sound. The two larger travelers both stopped in their tracks and spun around to face their entertainer, who instantly shied away from their gaze.

“A jester that uses magic to speak…well I’ll be damned,” Mu murmured.

Sheila chimed in with a grunt of agreement, and then began walking towards the tallest wooden structure at the direct center of town. She waded through the mass of passing villagers easily, as her size alone kept most away. As Mu and his jester hurried to catch up, bumping their way through the crowd, a loud voice called out to them.

“Halt! Newcomers!” a deep voice shouted. Before the adventurers even saw the source of the voice in the crowd, five soldiers advanced on them, surrounding them in a tight circle. Sheila moved further and further away from the now trapped pair, and before long, she was completely out of sight. An ornately armored knight swaggered out of the masses, and walked directly up to Mu.