The sound of singing crickets

Has always put my mind at ease.

I wonder what it is about their chirps

That has always appealed to me.

Perhaps it’s the uniformity to my ears,

Nature’s perfectly tuned melody.


In truth I know their songs are each their own.

But to be able to chime in

To an overwhelming song lying just beneath the surface,

To be able to effortlessly contribute to such beauty,

It must feel unfathomable.



Or perhaps they are all just like us.

Perhaps they hardly even listen to each other,

Each wrapped up in their own tune.


I love the songs of my people.

If you really listen you can hear them.

If only I could contribute

A small piece of my own.


But my legs have been broken, my song has been silenced

Before it could even begin.


At least I can still listen though,

To the beauty intertwining us all.

I hope others can hear it too.