Screams deafened the air, as passengers on the other ships called out for their lives. Neither one of the adventurers had even seen a single pirate yet, as the strangest sea attack continued.

“Why would they just tear through all of our ships? Don’t pirates normally want treasure? Why would they just sink all of it??” The small jester squeaked in confusion. Amidst the chaos, the entertainer had lost one of his white gloves, and was looking more and more disheveled by the minute.

“I’m not so sure these are normal pirates. As far as I know, pirate ships don’t normally have glowing blue writing all over them,” the larger warrior explained. “I mean…right? I’ve never actually seen a real pirate ship before, this is definitely a first for me,” he continued while binding together the last few pieces of scavenged wood for their raft. “There!” he exclaimed, taking a step back and admiring his own handiwork. “Alright. Now all that’s left—“

At that very moment, the etched hull of the attacking ship ripped straight through the middle of the travelers’ transport boat, throwing the two adventurers to the floor. As the half of the boat they were on began to tip and sink, the raft began its sliding descent to the water.

“Shit! Hold onto it!” the large warrior yelled, trying to untangle himself from scattered and thrown trunks and tools.

The small jester slid down to the raft, catching a stray rope and holding on for dear life. Just as the deck above began to collapse down onto the trapped larger warrior, the last thing he saw was his bard pulled clean off the ship by their raft, down into the treacherous waters below.


The large warrior drifted lifelessly underwater, trapped in a small entanglement of debris. His eyes opened for just a second, as the last bits of consciousness began to leave him. In his dazed state, he could have sworn he heard the most beautiful siren’s voice calling out. Not too bad of a way to go, the man thought, sure that this was the voice of an angel beckoning him. But as the song continued, the wreckage around the warrior began to spread and break apart, as if some unseen force was helping it along.

The singing stopped abruptly, and a bare hand plunged through the water’s surface, grabbing the huge man by his hair. The warrior was too weak to fight back, or even react, as the hand yanked him up above the surface. A small framed man stared back at him, standing on the edge of a driftwood raft.

“I knew I could do it! I knew I could find you!” The bard squeaked in his usual hoarse, high pitched voice, now dancing around on the makeshift platform.

“That voice…that was you?” The warrior managed to mumble as his consciousness finally left him. The man passed out with the sun’s hot rays beating down on their uncovered raft.