I fear myself broken,

In a way I do not understand.

My thoughts are clouded,

Scrambled to the corners of the universe.


I’ll refer to myself as a star,

If only for a moment.


Burning my fuel

Emitting my warmth.


Eventually I know I’ll freeze,

Keeping nothing for myself.


I fear I do not understand

Why I am what I am.

And perhaps this is why some choose to revolve around me,

While keeping their distance still unimaginable.


I feel as though I’m hurdling,

Only through the dark.


Perhaps if I burn and burn

The cold will never reach me.

And the dark will be brighter

For any who need my warmth.


I am heat,

And yet I feel cold.

Cold to my very core.

And I know that while I burn

None can ever know me.


But as long as I shine,

Maybe when I close my eyes,

I can pretend that even for a moment,

The cold will never reach me.


I do not understand why I am what I am,

But perhaps cold is all I will ever know.